Softball season is right around the corner. The season begins with lots of road trips. Now our team is made up of 20 very unique, interesting girls. This only means that their will be plenty of stories after each weekend. We strive to be successful on the field and our fans have the opportunity to keep track of our triumphs. But we can give more…

Beginning on Monday Feb. 11, I will give our supporters a behind the scenes look at what happens on Purdue Softball road trips. Videos may even be an added bonus, but no promises. So keep an eye out for the in-depth view to what it is like to be a Boilermaker athlete.


Purdue Softball is about to start off the season at LSU on Feb. 8. We are very excited about this season and have set high expectations for ourselves. We have a lot of talent and potential taking the field in 2013 and we really want your support! Find our schedule on, grab a few friends, and come out to the ball field to watch some competitive softball.

This year’s team consists of 3 seniors, 7 juniors, 6 sophomores, and 5 freshmen. We were only shut out once in 53 games in 2012. We are so excited for this season and we have been counting down the days until we get to fly south. Be a part of our thrilling adventure this season!