As promised …

March 27, 2013

Here is a short video that shows off Purdue Softball’s skills that go beyond the diamond. We certainly had fun at the Lucky Run ranch over Spring Break. If nothing else, hopefully this provides you with a good laugh.

Hope everyone has a fantastic day! Can’t wait to see you all this weekend when we take on Ohio State.




…and it’s snowing. It is not the ideal situation for a softball player when it snows in late March. Here’s to hoping it stops, the field is in good shape, and we still get in the first pitch on Wednesday at 4p.m. We are scheduled to play UIC and, since it is our first home game, you can imagine our excitement. We have been on the road for quite some time now so coming back to familiar territory will be a great thing for our team.

This weekend is Easter and what a better way to celebrate than a three-game series with Ohio State. Why not come out and celebrate with some of your favorite Boilermakers?

With the crazy spring weather we seem to be experiencing, I want you to keep in mind to stay connected with Purdue Sports and watch for updates about possible schedule changes. It may be chilly, but we do not want you to miss a pitch at the Varsity Softball Complex during this home stretch.

This week I want to shed a little light about what happens at practice. There are 20 of us on the roster, and we appear to be athletic. Our sport involves a lot of hand-eye coordination, so you would think that we have great balance and a little bit of grace. If only this was true. Last week, Erika was playing centerfield during a scrimmage. She turned to go back on a fly ball and just ate turf. We claim that she tripped over the white lines on the Mollenkopf field but that was just us giving her an excuse. I could call out E and claim to not have any good stories of my own but this is just simply not true. Ironically, my fall came when I was trying to help a teammate. So much for good karma! We were working on defense while the pitchers and catchers were hitting off the tee so I put a net behind first base, just in case of an overthrow. I did not want the ball to hit anyone so I was just thinking ahead. A ball was hit behind first base and in foul territory so as I took a drop set to catch it, I ran straight into the net and it basically carried me down to the ground. We definitely got a good laugh out of that one.

Now that you all have heard about two of our many graceful falls, we want to hear about your not so pretty steps. Comment below, tweet @purduesoftball, or email with the story of your fall that got a good laugh.

Hope to see you at Boilermaker Softball Complex this week.


March 19, 2013


We’re back from Spring Break and getting ready for the Big Ten season. We will be traveling to Ann Arbor to start conference play this weekend. We were supposed to go to the Windy City on Wednesday to face Loyola, but that will have to wait until later in the season because it is too cold and their field isn’t ready. After five weeks of play down south, we are ready to stay in the Midwest for a while. We have nothing to lose from here on out and we are looking to make a splash the second half of the season.

Over Spring Break we had a day off midweek and spent our time as a team at Lucky Run Ranch. We indulged ourselves with brisket, turkey, and smoked sausage. We competed for bragging rights playing rodeo games that our gracious hosts had set up for us. We laughed all day and had the chance to relax our minds. We were able to meet the miniature donkeys and a couple of horses too. Our team’s musical talents even came to the surface. There may be a video or two floating around on Facebook of a musical performance that is definitely worth checking out. The ranch had a recording studio and those of us who actually have real musical talent (Andie, Fletch, and Sydney) were able to put their abilities together and amaze us with their final product.

One of the games we played was to simulate barrel racing. Remember the stick with a horse’s head attached to it that we all had when we were little? Putting two people on one of those and running around cones is the Purdue Softball version of barrel racing. Words cannot do our gracefulness justice. I may just have to put together a video for the readers out there.

When we go on our Spring Break trip each year we know and love that we are there for softball. With that being said, we always appreciate a little bit of free time or the chance to experience something new. Going to the ranch as a team really gave us the opportunity to enjoy each other and step outside our own little world for a few hours. So thank you to our coaches for setting up the outing; to Oscar, our bus driver, for getting us there safely; and to the Connor family for opening their home to our Purdue Softball family.


Lucky Lucky Lindsey …

March 4, 2013

This weekend was a great weekend to be a Boilermaker as we won all five contests against our Texas opponents. Next weekend, we head back to the Lone Star State to take on Baylor in a three-game series before heading over to Sam Houston State and Houston for weekday games. The Saturday doubleheader and single game on Sunday will be a great challenge for us because Baylor is ranked in the top 25 and it will help our team prepare for the Big Ten season that is right around the corner.
We have a running joke on our team that centerfielder Lindsey Rains is the luckiest of us all. Some of the things that happen to her just seem very unlikely, but we always get a good laugh out of the stories. This weekend we were joking about the Twitter account Bad Luck Brian (@badluckbrian) and decided there should be a Good Luck Lindsey version. We started scheming up ideas about the things that would or could happen to Lindsey. For instance, bases loaded, three and two count, seventh inning, tie game, called third strike, Illegal pitch. (For those of you who don’t know, an illegal pitch means there would be a ball on the batter and all runners would move up one base, regardless of the count). You can now all follow @Good_luck_linds on Twitter and keep up with the “lucky” things that happen to Purdue Softball because of Lindsey Rains.
Sometimes after a long weekend we really like to challenge our fine motor skills. Coming home on Sunday, Erika Petruzzi and Lauren Grant had me stand on my left foot and move my right foot clockwise. Then I had to make a six with my right index finger. You really have to concentrate to make your foot continue going clockwise! If you’re reading this, you know you are going to try it so if you are left handed try it with your left foot and left finger.
We have a lot of fun on the road and we like to laugh. We find a lot of our entertainment through Twitter accounts, like this past weekend, and YouTube videos. If you know of anything we should be laughing at send it to me via email ( Make sure it’s clean though, because we decided that clean humor takes more effort and is by default funnier. It’s Spring Break next week, so instead of homework we have to keep ourselves occupied somehow!