March 19, 2013


We’re back from Spring Break and getting ready for the Big Ten season. We will be traveling to Ann Arbor to start conference play this weekend. We were supposed to go to the Windy City on Wednesday to face Loyola, but that will have to wait until later in the season because it is too cold and their field isn’t ready. After five weeks of play down south, we are ready to stay in the Midwest for a while. We have nothing to lose from here on out and we are looking to make a splash the second half of the season.

Over Spring Break we had a day off midweek and spent our time as a team at Lucky Run Ranch. We indulged ourselves with brisket, turkey, and smoked sausage. We competed for bragging rights playing rodeo games that our gracious hosts had set up for us. We laughed all day and had the chance to relax our minds. We were able to meet the miniature donkeys and a couple of horses too. Our team’s musical talents even came to the surface. There may be a video or two floating around on Facebook of a musical performance that is definitely worth checking out. The ranch had a recording studio and those of us who actually have real musical talent (Andie, Fletch, and Sydney) were able to put their abilities together and amaze us with their final product.

One of the games we played was to simulate barrel racing. Remember the stick with a horse’s head attached to it that we all had when we were little? Putting two people on one of those and running around cones is the Purdue Softball version of barrel racing. Words cannot do our gracefulness justice. I may just have to put together a video for the readers out there.

When we go on our Spring Break trip each year we know and love that we are there for softball. With that being said, we always appreciate a little bit of free time or the chance to experience something new. Going to the ranch as a team really gave us the opportunity to enjoy each other and step outside our own little world for a few hours. So thank you to our coaches for setting up the outing; to Oscar, our bus driver, for getting us there safely; and to the Connor family for opening their home to our Purdue Softball family.



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