Home field advantage? …

April 2, 2013

I am supposed to be writing to you about our first home games but then… Mother Nature strikes again! Our team faced a little bit of adversity this past weekend when we moved the series against Ohio State to Columbus, because white snow still covered our playing turf. We got the news Wednesday night so we rushed to get our academics in order for the rest of the week and got on the bus at 9:30 Friday morning. We ate lunch then headed straight to the field for a Friday night game against the Buckeyes. Our bats made strong appearances in the first two games this weekend and we ended up taking two out of three of the games. We had the opportunity to sweep but could not get the nail in the coffin on Sunday. We handled the adversity well, but we are ready for next weekend when (keep your fingers crossed) we get to play on our own home field.

We have an Easter weekend tradition where the parents put together baskets for us to have each year on Easter Sunday. We always look forward to them and they never disappoint. This year’s basket included candy, nail polish, socks, and of course, a solid chocolate bunny, as well as much more. Shout out to our fantastic parents who always do a superb job putting them together. The trading that happens once the baskets are on the bus is like the NFL offseason: everyone goes after what they want. I will pretty much give you anything for a chocolate bunny. Many of us participate in Lent and give up some sort of sweet treat, so diving into the Easter basket on the ride home is more than satisfying. Tweet @PurdueSoftball with your favorite treat to indulge in, especially on Easter.

This week we have IUPUI on our plate for Wednesday. We travel to Indy for a doubleheader, so if there are any Purdue Softball fans in the area, we would love to have you at the games. Next weekend, we take on Michigan State here in West Lafayette and we have a great opportunity to win us a few ball games. We are looking forward to our first tailgate of the year and we are itching to get on our own dirt. Prayers for softball weather would be appreciated (anything above 50 degrees as long as it’s sunny). Come out next weekend to watch us take on the Spartans from East Lansing, but first keep track of our games through Twitter or purduesports.com on Wednesday.



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