And the award goes to …

April 8, 2013

I woke up this morning and it hit me that I will be celebrating senior day in less than one month.  It is crazy to think back over the past four years and realize what myself and two of my best friends have gone through. It is just ridiculous that our senior year is almost over. After a moment of panic, I realized we still have another month and a half to make it great. 

 We got to play at home this weekend, finally. The results weren’t exactly what we were hoping for, but we learned a little bit about each other and ourselves over the three game series with Michigan State. Going into this week hopefully we can mature a little bit as a group and play great softball. We are at Loyola on Tuesday (this game was rescheduled from earlier in the year) and we have a doubleheader against Ball State on Wednesday here in West Lafayette. This weekend is a big series at Indiana and we have the opportunity to play in their new stadium. We will be headed down to Bloomington to do whatever it takes to bring home three wins.

 Speaking of new stadiums, ours has just been approved by the board and will be completed for the 2015 season. This is extremely exciting for our program as facilities help tremendously with recruiting. I realize I will be long gone and forgotten by then, but I will definitely be back to run the bases on the new field. Thank you to everyone who helped get the project moving forward. 

 This weekend we celebrated Military Appreciation Day, Greek Day, and Breast Cancer Awareness Day. Cancer day is very important to our team as there are many of us who have been affected by all types of cancer over the past several years. The first pitch on Sunday was thrown out by senior mom Karee Petruzzi. She is a 15-year breast cancer survivor, but not so much a softball pitcher.  Apparently she gave all of her talents to her daughters because her first pitch went straight up and straight down. We loved the confidence though when she asked for a second pitch, this one got a little bit closer to the plate but I still think it hit a satellite first. Softball skills aside, congratulations to Karee and all others who have won their battle with cancer.  This week, tweet @PurdueSoftball or comment below with a shoutout to someone in your life who is currently fighting or has won their battle with cancer. 

Sunday night marked the first ever Golden Pete Awards show. The ceremony is an updated version of the Senior Salute that has happened in the past. I must say I did feel pretty special having my picture taken as I walked in on the gold carpet. There were interviews going on to keep the audience entertained before the show and one of the questions was “How did you pick out your outfit for tonight?”  Guys typically just throw something on but girls are more apt to preplanning. There was a lot of talk in the softball locker room about what we were all going to wear, but since I heard about the dress code I knew what I was going with: a black dress with a big red belt and my favorite pair of heels.  My mom picked me up and we went to grab a bite to eat real quickly before the show. Note to self: when wearing nice clothes, do not operate the ketchup bottle. When I took of the cap, the ketchup exploded all over my dress and in my hair. Needless to say, I was not showing up the first Golden Pete Awards show with ketchup as an accessory. My mom and I ran back to my house so I could change, and I think I tried on three more dresses before finding a suitable replacement. Everything was fine after that and no one knew a thing. It was when I was onstage that I realized the ketchup had made my hair hard and my fingers got stuck as I tried to nonchalantly put my hair behind my ears. 

The Golden Petes show was a great experience overall and I definitely hope it grows into a big-time tradition. Congratulations to both Ariel Turner and Robert Maci for winning the prestigious Big Ten Medal of Honor as you both rightly deserve the award. To my fellow seniors, congratulations on surviving the rigorous workouts, the long road trips, and the hours of practice coupled with the endless amount of homework. It is a bittersweet feeling but the next chapter of our lives is about to start, and promises a lot of excitement. Lucky for those of us in spring sports, we get to keep playing!




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