Give a point to the black & gold …

April 15, 2013

Each year, there is a Crimson and Gold Cup race which keeps track of all of the competitions between Indiana and Purdue. We can chalk one point up for the Boilers because Purdue Softball just swept the Hoosiers this past weekend and, to tell you the truth, it was about time. Over my four years, this season marks the first complete sweep over IU. What a feeling!
IU did get a new stadium this year, so that was exciting for us to play in. Each time we go somewhere that has a nice stadium or a newly built stadium, we all take mental notes of what we like and do not like. I won’t have the opportunity to play in our new stadium in two years but I still ask Coach Maher to include certain features. For me, I like sunken dugouts, the flag pole in dead centerfield, and REAL DIRT. There is just something about sliding into second base and having to brush yourself off because you are covered in dirt. Growing up, we all played travel ball which would mean playing five or six games in a day. If you were not caked in dirt, you weren’t playing hard enough. My mom would put down towels for me to sit on before I was allowed to get into the car. A lot of collegiate softball programs are moving towards synthetic dirt. It is great for maintenance and it gives the ball a great bounce for slappers. However, when a player slides, she comes up with no dirt on her leg and that just is not softball. Hopefully when our new stadium is built, I will be able to come back and play in an alumni game and need to brush myself off, at least a little.
The plans have already been drawn up for our new field, but what would you like to see most at the new stadium? Tweet @PurdueSoftball or comment below with your suggestions!
This week we are headed east to face Penn State in a midweek double header. We will be live on the Big Ten Network so tune in on Wednesday at 5 and 7 p.m. for a couple of quality games. We will fly out Tuesday afternoon and return midday on Thursday, so it is a quick turnaround for us as we will be preparing for Nebraska this weekend. This week is a very important five-game stretch for Purdue Softball. This weekend we got back to .500 in Big Ten play and we can put ourselves in a very good position with a few more wins starting Wednesday.
You may remember that we played Nebraska early on in the season when we were in the warm weather of Arizona. It was a close game but the Huskers came out on top. It is time for the Boilermaker to make a statement in West Lafayette. We hope to see you there on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Friday marks our Blackout Game, Saturday is Alumni Day/Social Media Day, and Sunday is Faculty/Staff Appreciation Day.



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