At the hands of Mother Nature …

April 22, 2013

Last week was a long week for your Boilermaker softball team. We traveled to Penn State for a double header on Wednesday then made it home for a three game series with #21 Nebraska. Hopefully you were able to watch a part of our games at Penn State on the Big Ten Network. It was a chore just trying to get there. When we fly into State College, it seems like we take the smallest plane possible. It is almost like chartering our own flight because of the 29 seats available, Purdue Softball occupies 25. Little planes do not always handle the crazy spring weather so well. It was a little bit bumpy trying to get through the stormy sky last Tuesday night when we headed from our layover in Washington D.C. over to Pennsylvania. Some of us like the excitement and treated it as a rollercoaster, but others didn’t handle it so well. There were a few squeals of anxiety coming from the back of the plane and a collective sigh of relief when the wheels hit the runway.
Coming home was much less eventful. We took the earliest flight out of State College to come home Thursday morning and made it back to campus just after noon. It was a blessing in disguise having to get up so early for that flight because when more storms came our way that afternoon, all flights into Chicago and Indianapolis were cancelled. Trying to find a way for a group of 25 to make it back home to Indiana would have been a nightmare. We had a 24-hour turnaround to catch up on sleep and be ready to play Nebraska on Friday.
We were hit hard again Friday with the unpredictable weather. We were about to start warming up for the first game of the series and snow-like objects started to fall from the sky. Because the real feel was going to drop below 28 degrees during the game, it was cancelled about 20 minutes before the first pitch was scheduled. Friday’s game was moved to Saturday when it was sunny and still cold, then we rounded out the series on Sunday with a big 6-5 win. We plan to take that momentum we started to build up on Sunday into Wednesday’s home game with Valpo and into the weekend for our Big Ten match up at Northwestern.
After all of our home games, our parents put on a tailgate for the players, friends, and family. We can always count on great food and a lively atmosphere after a hard day’s work at the field. We just want to say thank you to all of those parents who give their time and effort making the magic happen.
Make sure to make it out to the softball field on Wednesday at 4 p.m. when we take on Valparaiso. Also, mark your calendars for our final Big Ten home series coming up against Iowa May 3-5. We are down to seven regular season games left so time is running out to catch a game this season. See you Wednesday!



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